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Together we will nurture domestic innovation and increase equality of access to bleeding-edge healthcare regardless of ethnicity by enabling and training domestic entrepreneurs to create high-potential startups with a chance of becoming a unicorn.

Why AI-Multiomics ?

This is not a trendy bubble or double-sided phenomenon, it is a branch of science that will revolutionize the future of health.

AI-Multiomics is the

Future of Medicine.

With advances in sequencing techniques, computational methods, and AI, We can analyze all aspects of human biology, from reading the letters of DNA (Genomics), epigenetic markers (Epigenomics), and their representations as RNA and proteins (Proteomics).

Advanced Early Diagnostics

Advanced Early Diagnostics

We can detect cancer and many other diseases or complications much earlier than traditional methods when they can be cured by a huge margin of success rate. End cancer as we know it.

Personalized medicine

Personalized medicine

A precise combination of meds and treatments for the genetics of an individual, with much better effectiveness and fewer side effects.

Gene discovery

Gene discovery

diagnosis of rare monogenic disorders. Identification and diagnosis of genetic factors contributing to common disease.

And much more.

And much more.

There will be a vast number of applications when you enter a new realm of science and technology and see the world from a more comprehensive angel.

Why now ?

It's not too early when the technology and knowledge are not there, and it's not too late when the competition is fierce and costly.

The age of Multiomics unicorns is upon us.

Most countries are starting to notice the trend and push investments toward this trend. Every month there is a discovery, new investment news, and a new unicorn in this field. A few years ago, there weren’t enough experts or developed technology, and a few years ago, there will be fierce competition and lower ROI.

President Biden vowed to "end cancer as we know it".
State of the union 2022

State of the union 2022

And the Middle East is behind the competition.

Startups are the drivers of innovation in all nations. According to data gathered in CrunchBase, the lack of startup activity in multiomics and biotech is evident in the Middle East. So just allocating investment isn't enough. We have to design, create and boost an ecosystem from ground up, by bringing the actual knowledge to the region.

The data is clear that we are far behind. And outsourcing isn't a viable option, we have to take the matter into our own hands.

Why UAE or Middle East ?

Unlike many countries which are countries with slow decision-making and shortsighted system, the Middle East has a vision.

1- Neglected Middle Eastern genetics

With current trends and plans, most future genomic studies will be with DNA data from European and American countries. Lack of diversity in this area means Middle Eastern countries should start investing in this field.


Participants in future studies for every


Middle Eastern

There are

European + Americans in academic studies
European + Americans in commercial studies

2- The UAE can eliminate barriers like no other

There is only a handful of countries and companies in the world because there are three major barriers to entry. 

  1. Scarcity and variety of required expertise
  2. Sample procurement Costs and regulatory barriers
  3. Authority and exclusivity measures of pharma companies

According to, these are steps to achieve success in future studies in this field:

  1. Stakeholder will
  2. Infrastructure
  3. Strategic funding
  4. Capacity building

With provided expertise and knowledge from our team plus strategic founding and regulation support from UAE, we can eliminate those barriers and even push innovation the the next level.

It is not the first time UAE has reached new heights. The vision for the future defines the winners in the future. 

ASH Team

We have a vision, to push the quality of life to new heights and we want you to join us.

Chief Scientist Officer

Soheil Damangir Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

Arman Vali

ASH First startup

Saving lives at scale, training top-tier experts, growing economy and productivity in the society

An AI-Multiomics Liquid biopsy test that detects several cancer types in their very early stages from only one blood tube. It is accurate and scalable for use as a population-scale screening tool.

In the media

Saving lives at scale, training top-tier experts, growing economy and productivity in the society

In the media: More than just a business opportunity

From our Entrepreneur article:

One may assume most countries in the Middle East are aware of the revolution, and there must be significant investments in this field. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case as is evident from the estimated number of related startups in the region, compared to the rest of the world. 

In order to have homegrown startups building products tailored for our own population, our mindset toward multiomics startups must shift, and we should see them differently at every stage.

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All details about what actually ASH is and how UAE can create something others can't.


Investment options

This vision will never happen without strategic investment and nationwide support.


How to join the team

We will create the first few startups and we would love to have ambitious people like you in our team. The future multiomics unicorns need you.

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